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Financial Institution Regulation

We regularly represent banks, thrifts, and credit unions in matters before the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Banks, the State Banking Regulatory Agencies, the National Credit Union Administration, and other state’s regulatory agencies.

The scope of our representation encompasses preparing and filing applications, notices, and reports, for transactions and matters, including:

  • Mergers and changes in control;
  • Purchases and assumptions of assets and liabilities;
  • Charter conversions;
  • Branch openings, closings, and relocations;
  • Non-branch expansion through loan or deposit production offices, courier services, or armored cars;
  • Holding company formations and reorganizations;
  • Additions of directors or executive officers;
  • Non-bank subsidiaries;
  • New lines of business;
  • Golden parachute and indemnification payments; and
  • De novo banks.

We provide comprehensive interpretative guidance and advice with respect to federal and state statutes and regulations related to matters, such as:

  • Transactions with affiliates or with insiders;
  • Qualifying capital instruments;
  • Dividends and distributions;
  • Legal lending limits;
  • Consumer compliance;
  • Permissible activities; and
  • Corporate powers.

We represent clients in regulatory enforcement matters and other interactions with regulatory agencies, including:

  • Formal and informal appeals of examination ratings;
  • Responding to findings contained in Reports of Examination;
  • Negotiation of Board Resolutions, Memoranda of Understanding, Written Agreements, Consent Orders, and Cease and Desist Orders;
  • Administrative litigation of formal enforcement actions; and
  • Petitions for permission for certain convicted felons to participate in the banking industry (Section 19 Applications).

We provide guidance and advice with respect to day-to-day banking issues, such as check clearing and deposit operations.